A Look Inside the AACD, with AACD President Marty Zase: Dental Economics

What you need to know about teeth whitening:

"Martin Zase is known for expertise in cosmetic dentistry -- and his Hawaiian shirts" - Glastonbury Life

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Synopsis: Cosmetic Pearls for the General Practitioner

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Analyze Your Own Smile

Bleaching: Material and Protocols

Bleaching Article: Dentistry Today

Whitening Instructions for Patients

Cosmetic Pearls - Product List

Instructions to Watch Bleaching Video

Internal Bleaching protocols

In-Office Whitening Protocol

Take Home Tray Whitening Protocol

Special Offers for Attendees

Sample Warranty

Zero Sensitivity Bonding Protocol

Protocol for Take-Home Tooth Whitening in my Office

Painless Injections and Profound Anesthesia

Photoshop Bleach Simulation